Study in UAE; From A to Z

Study in UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has significantly advanced in recent years. This fact in addition to attracting millions of tourists, make it as a destination for applicants to study in one of the best Arab countries.

On the other hand, the UAE government, based on its policies about scientific and educational promotion, special a high financial capital for improving the conditions of universities and attracting international students. It strongly welcomes domestic and foreign investors who want to spend their financial capital on upgrading the UAE.

However, if you also want to study in the UAE, it is better to know study condition in this country A to Z.

What Kind of Country is the UAE?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a country consisting of seven sheikhdoms located near to Persian Gulf. This country is located in southwest Asia and east of the Arabian Peninsula. UAE as the second largest country in the Middle East, bordered by Qatar and Saudi Arabia to the south, Oman to the east, and the Persian Gulf to the north.

UAE has a monarchical political system and seven different states. the capital of UAE is Abu Dhabi, which is one of the main tourist destinations in this country. Dubai is also one of the most modern cities in the UAE and has unique attractions.

The language of Emirates people is Arabic. However, English is spoken in the universities of this country. The religion of the people of the UAE is Islam. Of course, 80% of the people in this country are Sunnite and the other 20% are either Shiites or have other religions.

The weather of UAE is hot and dry. However, the sky is always blue and sunny. In addition, blue sky and low rainfall are the features of this country’s climate.

UAE Economy

The UAE currency is the dirham. This country has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. In addition, UAE is full of investment opportunities for natives and foreigners. In fact, many of the world’s largest companies are eager to invest in this country.

In addition to oil and gas export, the tourism industry in the UAE is so prosperous that in this regard it is one of the top in the world. The UAE hosts some of the most luxurious hotels in the world, and its tourism revenue is its largest non-oil revenue.

UAE People

The United Arab Emirates with 8.9 million people up to 2020 is the fifth largest immigrant country in the world. This shows the immigrant spirit of the UAE people.

The people of this country are very sociable and kind and always welcome foreigners with a smile. Although emirates people care about their religious ritual, they do not deprive immigrants of their freedom of lifestyle.

One of the interests of the UAE people is music and dance. Accordingly, countless music festivals are held in this country throughout the year. Therefore, it can be concluded that the UAE has a happy people.

Higher Education System in the UAE

As the Emirate has progressed in various sectors in recent years, the country’s education system has also undergone positive changes. The higher education system in the UAE includes undergraduate, masters and doctoral courses. Each of these courses is completed with a general exam and permission to enter the next course.

The first thing you need to know as an applicant to study in the UAE is the requirement of a language degree of six or higher for admission to the universities of this country.

Undergraduate study in the UAE

To be admitted to a bachelor’s degree at an UAE university, you must have a 12-year diploma with an IELTS language score of six. The course lasts three to five years in the UAE and is held in the fields of art, Science and humanities.

One of the advantages of studying for a bachelor’s degree in the UAE is the possibility of admission to American, British and Canadian universities. In this way, after completing two years of your bachelor’s degree, you can send your application for admission to the universities of these three countries and you will most likely be accepted.

Master study in the UAE

You can apply for a master’s degree from a UAE university by presenting a bachelor’s degree from a reputable university. This course lasts two or three years and is presented by the student with a dissertation.

To enter this course, You need to take a specific test and try to reach the quorum. Keep in mind that in order to be accepted for a master’s degree in the UAE, you need to submit a dissertation that accurately assesses your study conditions.

Doctorate Study in the UAE

This base in the UAE lasts 8 semesters or three to four years. There are good universities in Dubai that have educational interactions with European countries.

To be admitted to the Emirates University doctoral program, you must have a language score higher than seven. Of course, if you succeed in obtaining a doctorate in this country, you will get the best offer to high-paying jobs.

Top Universities in UAE

Teaching with the latest educational method in the world is one of the approaches of the UAE higher education system that has been adopted in recent years.

There are many universities in UAE that has high quality. But Apply University in UAE that get great ranking in the word are:

United Arab Emirates

It is the UAE’s top university with a world ranking of 1170. The best disciplines taught in this university include Engineering, Agriculture, Food industry IT, Social science, medical and basic sciences.

Abu Dhabi University

This university as a one of the greatest in UAE, accepts students in fields such as art, management, computer science and IT. Abu Dhubai University has a good ranking in the world universities rankings.

American University of Sharjah

The university is overseen by the University of Houston, Texas. The university accepts students in engineering discipline such as electronic engineering, computer engineering and programming, as well as disciplines such as insurance and banking.

Sharjah University

as the third best universities in UAE has 2054 score in the greatest world universities ranking.

Higher Colleges of Technology

That has 2872 score in world universities ranking, accept students in the fields of engineering, basic sciences and health sciences.

Ajman University of the UAE

Courses offered at this university include dentistry, pharmacy, electronic engineering, medical engineering, and design and architecture engineering.

Tuition Fees in the UAE

In the UAE, each university receives a different tuition fee depending on the facilities it offers to students, as well as academic rank and credit. In general, the UAE is an affordable country to study in postgraduate courses.

If we want to give a general statistics of the university tuition fees in the UAE, it is in range between 10,000 to 20,000 dollars.

University Fund in the UAE

Receiving scholarships from UAE universities depends on such things as student mortgages, ISI papers and internationally published student papers, participation in international conferences and seminars.

However, the most important scholarships and student grants in this country are:

  • NYUAD Institute Humanities Research Course in the UAE
  • DELL EMC graduation program for senior students
  • Full scholarship of the Lotfia Rabbani Foundation in the Netherlands Leiden University Fund
  • Woo long University Dubai Scholarships for New Students

The cost of living in the UAE

The cost of living varies greatly in different regions and cities of the UAE. However, if we want to give a statistical average about the cost of a student’s student life, it is between 700 t0 1000 dollars. This includes the cost of lunch, cost of home rent and the cost public transportation.

Student Visa in the UAE

UAE student visa is granted to you if you have been admitted to one of the UAE universities. The process usually takes 2 to 5 weeks after sending all the documents and there is an urgent case that will be processed for 1 to 3 weeks for an additional fee. UAE student visas are valid for 12 months and can be renewed if necessary.

The documents required to obtain a UAE student visa are:

  1. Completed application form submitted by one of the United Arab Emirates university;
  2. Copy of passport at least 6 months validity and two blank pages for stamps and visas;
  3. Lease agreement or proof of student residence;
  4. 12 piece of photos;
  5. Bank statement confirming the budget for living and studying expenses in the UAE;
  6. Previous qualifications for admission to the next course;
  7. Copy of visa fee and payment of tuition fee;

Quality of Life in the UAE

The World Bank Group ranks the country 26th in the world in terms of ease of doing business. Knowing this fact makes it clear to us how good, the income and livelihood of the people in the UAE are.

In addition, The World Trade Index (WEF), the Global Happiness Index (WHR) and the Global Innovation Index (GII) are some of the indicators in which the UAE has the highest rankings.

Moreover, the UAE has a federal constitutional monarchy. Each sheikhdom has its own local government and can pass its own laws completely independently. This has made real democracy prevail in the UAE.

In short, the quality of life in the UAE is very high because it has a strong economy and is one of the most modern regions in the world.

In fact, the people of this country enjoy high welfare, High income, high medical, educational and recreational facilities as well as a level of cost-effective living satisfaction.


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