Study in Portugal; from A to Z

Study in Portugal

Study in Portugal is a very important option and if you want to study in a European country with vernal climate and breathtaking landscapes, safe and cost effective, which has warm-hearted people, Portugal is the best choice.

Portugal has a small population compared to its area. Therefore, the policies of this government are aimed at attracting students and immigrant labor.

The Portugal country has top universities that participate in the world ranking in the fields of science and art. On the other hand, the cost of living in Portugal is so affordable that it is known as the cheapest European country.

All of this, in addition to the fact that Portugal is the 18th safest country in the world and its crime rate is very low, has made studying in this country a notable option for applicants around the world.

Now that we look at Portugal as a study destination, it is better to gain a relative knowledge of this country and its people.

The most important fact to know about Portugal

Portugal is located in Western Europe and neighboring Spain and The Atlantic Ocean. The most important cities in Portugal are Lisbon, Amadora, Porto and Braga. Lisbon as capital of Portugal is one of the economical hub of Western Europe.

The Portugal population is just ten million people and their official religion is Catholic Christianity. Although the people of this country are not so religiosity, they attach great importance to religious ceremonies. Therefore, there is at least one church in every Portugal city.

The official language of Portugal is Portuguese, but more than eighty percent of the population is fluent in English.
If you walk the streets of Portugal, you will see buildings with historical architecture and people cycling under the warm sun. Cafe touring is another habit of Portugal people who enjoy eating coffee and sweets.

If we want to introduce the people of Portugal briefly, we must say that they are family-oriented and cool-headed. The Portuguese’s priority in life is their family. On the other hand, the Portuguese are known for being calm and cool and repeat “be calm” idiom, many times in the daylong.

Top university in Portugal

The higher education system in Portugal includes two types of educational institutions: university and polytechnic center.

Universities are in charge of academic education and polytechnics are in charge of experimental education. In fact, polytechnic centers prepare students to enter the job market.

Portugal has valuable universities that have a good position in the world rankings. Five apply universities in Portugal are on the QS world rankings.

Top apply universities in Portugal includes:

  • University of Porto
  • University of Lisbon
  • New University of Lisbon
  • University of Coimbra
  • University of Minho
  • University of √Čvora
  • University of Algarve
  • University of Coimbea
  • University of Braga

Best discipline in Portugal

Universities in Portugal offer courses in both Portuguese and English languages. A variety of fields of study is taught in Portuguese universities, and in this respect, they cannot be considered superior. In fact, all disciplines of medicine, engineering and art in this country are taught with high quality.

University fees in Portugal

Tuition at Portuguese universities depends on factors such as the university’s reputation, its location, and the field of study you are interested in. However, typically the cost of college costs from $ 4,500 to $ 6,000.

Funds in Portugal universities

Every university in Portugal offers a variety of funds and grants to students according to their terms and conditions. Among these, the most important of these funds are:

TEDS Scholarship

Annual scholarships for students whose families do not have sufficient financial resources.

Scholarships for FCT PhD students

PhD grants are awarded at various stages through the establishment of international scientific research bases and for the creation of research infrastructures for scientific communication and new interaction with the creation of new businesses.

Portuguese Republic Visa

If you want to obtain a Portuguese visa through study must take an entrance exam to enter one of the Portugal universities at the undergraduate level. Fluency in English or Portuguese is required for admission to Portuguese universities. A Portuguese student visa allow you to legally resides and study in Portugal.

There are two type of Portuguese student visa:

C visa of portugal

C visa known as short-term that is for people studying less than 90 days. People who want to study language and other short-term courses in Portugal use this visa.

D visa

D visa known as long-term visa that is offered for those who are accepted in long-term studies such as bachelor’s, master’s, etc.

Required documents to obtain a Portuguese student visa

  1. Submission of a letter of acceptance from a Portuguese university
  2. Complete and submit the Portugal student visa application form
  3. Receipt of payment for the Portuguese student visa
  4. valid identity card and passport
  5. 2 passport size photos
  6. health insurance
  7. Proof of financial ability to study and live in Portugal
  8. Pay the first semester tuition of the university
  9. Proof of accommodation in Portugal
  10. Medical and clear criminal record certificates

Portugal Weather

Living in Portugal is literally desirable. The climate of this country is temperate and Mediterranean and it is sunny in most of the days. The temperature in the days of the Portugal country reaches twenty-five centigrade degrees and in the nights, it reaches sixteen centigrade degrees. Summer in the Portugal longs six month and it is from May to October.

Income rate in Portuguese Republic

The income of a person working in Portugal, like any other country, depends on many factors. Education and skill level, type of job, working hours and region are among the factors determining the amount of income in Portugal. In general and according to the latest statistics, the lowest monthly income in Portugal is 800 dollars and the maximum is 26000 dollar.

On the other hand, the most expensive city in Portugal is Lisbon, where a person can live a comfortable life for 1,400 dollars a month. However, it is also possible to live in the cheaper cities of Portugal with a monthly income of 1,000 dollars.

Home rent costs in Portugal

The most expensive city in Portugal is Lisbon, where a person can live a one or two bed apartment for 650 dollars a month. Of course, in the tourist and luxury areas of Lisbon, the rent for an apartment can go up to 1,000 dollars a month. If you want to buy a small apartment in this city, you have to spend 150,000 dollars.

However, it is also possible to live in the cheaper cities of Portugal with a monthly with lowest home rent rate. The cost of renting a house in the cheapest and smallest cities in Portugal is $ 375 dollar a month. The purchase price of a house in such cities is equal to 100,000 dollars.

Lunch costs rate in Portugal

As a student, you probably need to eat or order several meals a week outside the home. Each meal in Portugal costs about $ 9 to $ 12. Of course, this is if ready-made food is bought from outside.

Fortunately, Portugal is full of traditional markets that provide people with all kinds of items needed for daily life at a reasonable price. You can significantly reduce the monthly lunch costs by buying the ingredients you need from cheap markets and cooking at home.

Public transportation costs in Portugal

Travel in different parts of Portugal can be a concern for you. Fortunately, there is a variety of public transportation in Portugal that can be used for a cost effective fee. For example, metro transportation, which is available to the public in almost all regions and cities of Portugal, costs $ 1.76 for a one-way ticket and $ 40.88 for a monthly pass ticket.

Moreover, Taxi admission in Portugal is usually $ 3.71 and adds $ 0.86 to the initial cost for each mile or 1.60 km.

Quality of life in Portugal

Portugal has a dynamic economy and various advanced industries. Tourism, agriculture and fishing are among the industries that are booming in Portugal. Portugal also generates significant revenue in the export sector. Automobile, cloth, shoes and paper are some of the goods that Portugal exports to other countries.

In Portugal, the cost of living, from food to rent and travel to education, is so cheap that it is easy to live in this country with low income. In fact, the balance between work and life in Portugal is in good condition.

Variety of entertainment in Portugal

Portugal has unique sandy beaches that are full of tourists sunbathing during the six summer months. In addition, boating and surfing are other activities that tourists are very interested in. Portugal’s beaches are so attractive and clean that a casual walk in the sun is an unforgettable experience in it.

Another attraction that is especially attractive to foreigners is to see the historic architecture of churches and old buildings along with the texture of contemporary architecture and colorful houses of this country.

In addition, the variety of religious events that are an excuse to celebrate Portuguese and music and food festivals are very attractive to the people of this country and non-natives.


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