Study in Iran from A to Z

Study in Iran

Have you ever considered study in Iran? If so, what information do you have about the country’s education system? Do you know which the top universities in Iran are? Do you know the cost of student living in Iran? Do you know how to get admission from top universities in Iran and apply for a student visa? How do you think is the quality of life in Iran?
If these questions or other ambiguities about study in Iran keep your mind busy, do not worry at all.

We provide you with all the information you need to study in Iran. We try to make it possible for you to imagine the conditions ahead clearly.

Quality of life in Iran

“A miracle has happened”. you say that when to see the stunning natural landscapes of Iran. Iran is a beautiful country with unique nature. The diversity of ecosystems in Iran made a four-season’s country.

Iran is located in Asia and the Middle East. This country is bordered by the Caspian Sea to the north, Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan to the northwest, Turkmenistan to the northeast, Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman to the south, Afghanistan and Pakistan to the east, and Iraq and Turkey to the west. Indeed, Iran is the second largest country in the Middle East with an area of ​​1.648 million km².

In addition to the diversity of Iran’s climate, the country is also very rich in ethnic diversity. The population of eighty-two million people of Iran has attractive and pleasant race, culture and dialects. The official religion of the Iranian people is Islam, but there are also Christian, Jewish and other minorities living in this country.

Official language in Iran is Persian. The rich literature of Persian language is known all over the world. The Iranian people have an ancient culture and civilization. They are known for their hospitality. People of Iran welcome immigrants and foreigners. Iran has prominent person in art, science and culture.

The capital of Iran is Tehran, which is full of luxury restaurants and cafes, modern buildings and attractive entertainment venues like amusement park, museums, cinemas and music halls.

In general, the quality of life in Iran is relatively good. In fact, as a student, you can experience a hassle-free and fun life in this country.

Educational system of Iran

Study in Iran, like any other country, has levels and stages. The educational system of Iran has divided the first twelve years of education into three parts: Elementary course, First Middle course and Second Middle course. The Elementary course lasts six years. Moreover, the first and second periods of middle course each take three years.

Students in the first twelve years of study are learning the basic lessons of science and life skills. They enter the next level in each course after passing some exams. These students prepared for inter to the university and study the specialized field.

Higher Education system in Iran

Admission to higher education centers in Iran is done through the national entrance exam. This higher education centers operates according to the thermal system. This system includes; Post-diploma, bachelor, master and doctorate grades. Post-diploma grade lasts 2 years. The bachelor’s degree is four years. The master’s degree lasts two years. Finally, the doctoral program lasts three years.

Every student in university has to pass some exams and propose articles. Passing these exams is a license to receive degree and enter to higher education stages.

Top universities in Iran

Iran has infinite universities and educational institutions. Many of these universities are in line with the current teaching method of the world. At least forty Iranian universities have achieved good positions in the most authoritative world rankings.

According to one of the most important academic rankings in the world, five Iranian universities have acceptable educational quality. Based on this ranking provided by QS, Sharif University of Technology with 409 global ranks, Amirkabir University of Technology with 477 global ranks, University of Tehran with 600-591 rank, Iran University of Science and Technology with 650-601 rank and Shiraz University with 1000-801 rank are the five best universities in Iran.

However, until 2016, only Sharif University of Technology with a rank of 480-471 and the University of Tehran with a rank of 600-551 were present in this ranking system. This shows that the level of science and educational services in Iranian universities is developing rapidly.

Tehran University of Medical sciences, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical science, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and University of Tabriz are some of the other top universities in Iran that have world rankings.

University fee

Universities in Iran are public and private. Public universities are free and do not charge fees for native students. However, private universities charge tuition fees for Iranian and foreigner students. Every university in Iran sets different tuition fees depending on the level of educational services it provides to students and many other factors. However, if we want to give you figures on average, it is $ 900 to $ 7,000 per years.

In addition, the average cost of living in Iran for a student is $ 500 to $ 700 per month. By the way, Iran uses the Rial (IRR) as its currency.

Home rent costs in Iran

The price of renting a house in Iran depends on many factors. Area, year of construction, numbers of bedroom and facilities is among the most important factors that determine the amount of mortgage and rent for a house.

The mortgage of a student house in the center of Tehran is equal to $ 8000. In addition, the rent is $ 80.

Lunch costs in Iran

Fortunately, in Iranian universities, meals are provided to students at reasonable prices. However, if one does not want to use these services, could get food from different types of restaurants in this country.

Of course, as a student, you can save money by preparing food materials and cooking. In this case, the cost of food for one person during a month of living in Iran is approximately equal to $ 50.

Public transportation costs in Iran

The transportation system in Iran has various items for the people of this country. Airplane, train or bus can be used for intercity transportation. In addition, intra-city transportation in Iran is done by subway, bus and taxi.

Fortunately, the cost of commuting in Iran is very reasonable. In Tehran, you can travel the farthest distances for only two dollars.

Funds in Iran

There are all kinds of student grants and scholarships in Iranian universities. As a fund volunteer, you should be aware of the conditions of your university and take action to provide it. For this purpose, it is better to visit the website of Iranian universities and apply for admission and study funds in accordance with your potentials.

Weather in Iran

What has made Iran an attractive and unique land is the biodiversity that exists there. In Iran, there are coastal areas, plains and deserts, mountains and forests. Therefore, the weather conditions are just as diverse. If we want to give you accurate statistics of Iran’s climate, we must make seasonal divisions for it.

Spring, especially in May, has the best weather in Iran and there is a pleasant flow in its streets. Summer in Iran is warm and pleasant. According to “Mehdi Akhavan Sales” the great Iranian poet, autumn is known as the king of seasons. The air is extremely clean and the streets are full of leaves with thousands of colors.

Winters in Iran are covered with snow and invites outgoing Iranians to make snowman and play on the small hills around the cities.

Fortunately, neither the summer heat in Iran nor its cold is unbearable.

Best disciplines in Iran

In Iranian universities, various fields of study are offered in post-diploma, bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees. However, the most popular fields among the natives and foreigners are medicine and engineering. Of course, the fields of humanities and arts also have their own applicant in Iran. In the field of art, Cinema and Theater has had a good return among graduate applicants.

In addition, the field of Persian language and literature in Iranian universities accepts many students from all over the world.

Income in Iran

Iran is famous for the fact that significant wealth can be achieved with a little effort and intelligence. The rich natural resources in Iran, as well as the potential that different jobs have to earn money, are two of the factors that prove the previous sentence.

Visa in Iran

There are different types of visas for Iran. These include tourist visas, business visas, student visas, work visas, political visas, athlete visas, artist visas, and more. Obtaining each of these visas has its own conditions.

Student visas, like any others, have terms and conditions. To obtain a student visa, a university or educational institution in Iran must first accept you. After receiving the admission, according to the rules of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, attach the documents to your admission letter and submit the visa application to the relevant authorities. A student visa will be issued to you after the necessary checks.


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