Study in Austria

Study in Austria

Study in Austria, is very attractive for many people in the world. As a small country in Europe, Austria has a pristine nature and unique landscapes. This country Located in Central Europe and officially recognized as the Republic of Austria.

The official language of Austria is German and its official religion is Christianity. The most people of Austria fallow the Roman Catholic.

Austria is bordered by Germany and the Czech Republic to the north, Slovakia and Hungary to the east, Italy and Slovenia to the south, and Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the west.

Austria, with an area of 83,878 ​​square kilometers, has a population of nearly nine million people. It has 9 states and 76 cities. The biggest city and capital of Austria is Vienna city.

Austria economically

If we want to look at Austria in terms of the economic situation and the welfare of its people, we have to say that it is the fourteenth richest country in the world. In addition, Austria is one of the ten best countries in the world.

The currency of Austria is the Euro. Moreover, as you know, the euro is highly valued among the world’s currencies.

One of the main reasons that Austria is rich is the boom in its tourism industry. The reason is that 60% of the area of ​​Austria is located in the Alps Mountains. Of course, Austria, as a mountainous region with a temperate climate, has countless natural tourist attractions.

Cost of living in Austria

The Austria country known as inexpensive version of the Switzerland.  This sentence shows that the cost of living in Austria is better than in other European countries. Of course, if we want to look at the cost of living in Austria in general, we must say that Austria is one of the countries where the cost of living in that is high.

However, According to the Global Living Standards Index, Austria is one of the top five countries in the world. This shows that the level of income of the Austrian people is commensurate with their expenses

It is interesting to know that the cost of living in the Austrian capital Vienna is more affordable than other cities in the country. This is strange because Vienna is the largest and most important city in Austria.

According to statistics published in 2020, the cost of living for one month in Austria is around 800 to 1200 euros. In other words, the cost of living for a family of four in Austria, which includes housing, food, transport and entertainment, is about 2,500 euro per month

While the cost of treatment and many other social services in Austria is completely free. Of course as expensive as living in Austria is, the government provides significant benefits to its citizens.

Tuition fees in Austria

Austria has universities with the highest scientific and educational rankings in the world. A variety of scientific and artistic disciplines is also taught in Austrian universities.

Studying at Austrian universities is almost free for native students or those who are citizens of EU countries. However, it is different for international students.

In fact, Non-native students or who are not citizens of EU countries must pay a fee if they are accepted to an Austrian university. The cost of studying in Austria is seven hundred and fifty euros per semester on average. Of course, this amount varies from university to university in Austria.

Study conditions in Austria

Study conditions in Austria are not particularly challenging. You are almost halfway there with a German degree or an IELTS score above six.  Because teaching in Austrian universities are done in both German and English languages.

Admission to Austrian universities is open to applicants from all over the world and there are no restrictions. Almost all Austrian universities have entrance exams. Moreover, passing the entrance exam of any university, in addition to having a language degree, is necessary to enter it.

Austria has 21 universities of basic sciences, 14 teacher-training universities, 13 public universities, 12 private universities, 6 art universities and 3 medical universities.

Number of top Austrian universities

If we want to list the top five universities in Austria, the University of Vienna tops the list.

The Vienna university, located in the Austrian capital Vienna, is ranked 134th in the world. This university is the most important educational institute in Austria.

The second most important Austrian university is the University of Klagenfurt. This university is ranked 301th among the world’s universities.

Third place in the list of the top five Austrian universities belongs to the Vienna University of Technology. This university is ranked 350th in the world.

The fourth best university in Austria is the University of Innsbruck, which is ranked 400th among the world’s universities.

Finally, the fifth place in the list of the best Austrian universities belongs to Graz University of Technology. This university is ranked 501th among the universities in the world.

Residence conditions in Austria

Living in Austria is like living in a beautiful country with a temperate climate and enjoy of a quiet place. The Austrian people are very kind and sociable and can be handled and lived in easily and without any hassle.

Fortunately, the slightest trace of racist thoughts cannot be seen among the Austrian people. Therefore, you can start a comfortable life in this country, regardless of your nationality or race.

Austria has a strong economy and its people are well off. In addition, the working situation in this country is so good that the unemployment rate is close to zero.

In fact, employers and business owners in Austria have to pay very high wages to the labor force to be able to hire them.

Austria does not charge for medical treatment and many social services in this country are free.


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