Master’s Degree in Agriculture + Top Universities Lists

Master's Degree in Agriculture

Admission to Master’s degree in Agriculture means proficiency of fields such as biological engineering, environmental sciences, as well as plant and animal knowledge. You will also find a new perspective on biotechnology in Postgraduate courses in Agriculture.

Since the human need to improve the quality of plants and animals life as well as the quality and quantity of agricultural and livestock products; many universities around the world offer different disciplines in Agriculture.

What is Agriculture field of study?

Agriculture is a combination of biology, botany, economics and social sciences. The approach of this field is to find the best way to update the agricultural technics, tools, sciences and materials. One of the goals of those who study in this field is to meet human needs from plant and animal resources without harming plants and animals.

Agriculture courses are includes; principles of agronomy, farm management and operation, fundamentals of soil science, food animal production, agribusiness, crop management and animal diseases.

In addition, this field of study includes some branches like; Agronomy, Horticulture, Agricultural engineering, Agricultural economics and Animal sciences.

What can I do with Agriculture degree?

Studying in this field will help you improve your skills in planning, designing and executing agricultural projects. You will also be taught application of the latest technologies and techniques in the world in the field of plant breeding and increase production.

Is a degree in Agriculture worth it?

What is the salary of MSc Agriculture? Such a question asks many times by MSc Agriculture applicants. Aside from you will be satisfying with its salary, the job market is booming. Master’s degree in the field of agriculture means mastering various sciences and skills. Since agriculture and related fields play an important role in the daily lives of people around the world, there is demand for specialists in this field forever.

You can study in this field and work as Biochemist, Plant Pathologists, agricultural consultant, Agri-Business, Agri-Economists farm manager, Management of an agricultural business, Research and education, Industry (for example production of plants and fertilizer), Agricultural journalism and public relations, Environmental conservation and development, Rural practice surveyor, soil scientist, agronomist and agricultural scientist.

Which country is the best for masters in Agriculture?

It depends on you in which country in the world you want to study. However, universities in Australia, Germany, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom are better than anywhere else in the world.

Which course is the best for MSc in Agriculture?

Agronomy, Plant Science, Food Science and Innovation, Applied Ecology, Agricultural Business, Organic Agriculture, Agricultural Economics and Sustainable Agriculture are the best courses for MSc in Agriculture.

Top universities for Masters in Agriculture

The best universities in the field of agricultural master have the latest tools, techniques and educational equipment. If you are planning to apply for admission in this field, it is better to coordinate your efforts with the best universities criteria in this field.

The best universities for Master in Agriculture based on popular criteria

1. University of Georgia – College of Engineering

MS in Agricultural Engineering is offered at this university in a two-year full-time course. This course focused on learning technical knowledge, designing and implementing new ideas, management skills in critical situations and understanding the economic and social impact of their work by students.

In this branch of agricultural science, you will learn to provide engineering solutions to agricultural challenges like feed, fiber, and food production or postharvest processing problems.

2. Technical University of Denmark

Master of Science in Aquatic Science and Technology in this university present in 2 years full time period. This field of study focused on contributes to sustainable harvest and production of pisciculture and management of human impact and environmental change as well as cutting-edge research on aquatic ecosystems, traits of their inhabitants, and their impact on global climate.

3. Northwest Missouri State University

Opened in 1905, this university gives you the pleasure of studying in a unique space and gaining new experiences.
Master in Agriculture at the Northwest Missouri State University is offered for a period of 16 months and full time courses.

The Master of Agriculture in this university has its own approach. At this university, agricultural master’s students gain skills in the field of technical knowledge, preparation for the conditions facing potential challenges, as well as agricultural processing and marketing.

4. Universidad de Huelva, Spain

Official Master in Forestry Engineering is a 3 semester full time course in this university. In this course, you will complete your course with adaptation to the European Higher Education Area of forestry studies. In addition, the courses in this university are in Spanish language.

5. University of California Davis (UC Davis)

Master of Science in international Agricultural Development in this university focused on implement, facilitate, and manage programs that enhance agricultural development, resource management, and rural life, particularly in developing and less-industrialized regions of the world skills. Agricultural and resource economics, agricultural engineering, agronomy, animal science, anthropology, aquaculture, avian sciences, community development and ecology are its courses.

In addition, economics, entomology, environmental design, environmental toxicology, food science, gender, geography, horticulture, nutrition, plant pathology, plant biology, plant protection and pest management, political science, pomology, preventive veterinary medicine, range science, sociology, soil science, sustainable Agriculture, vegetable crops, viticulture, and water science are some other courses that present in this university.

6. Colorado State University College of Agricultural Sciences

Master of Science (M.S.) in Agricultural and Resource Economics focused on microeconomic applications and quantitative methods. Students can finish this course in 3 semester or 2 years.

7. ISA Lille – Graduate School of Agriculture and Bioengineering, France

This 2 years full time courses present as Master in Agricultural Economics and Marketing & Management. Students get skilled in Agricultural Economics, Marketing and Management with skills necessary to understand both the biological fundamentals and economic implications of Agriculture and bioengineering work in this course.

8. Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment

Master of Forestry in this university present in English language. Students learn such skills like; emerging frontiers in forest management, conservation and policy, augmented by cutting-edge tools in geospatial analysis, multi-resource assessment and finance.

9. Oregon State University College of Forestry

Master of Science in Sustainable Forest Management in this university is a research opportunity. It can be terminal degree or the first step toward a doctorate.

10. Kentucky State University

Master of Science in Aquaculture and Aquatic Science in this university focus on aquaculture. Students in this course, which is offered in English, will learn skills to provide solutions in the field of improving the quality of aquaculture.

11. Alabama A&M University College of Engineering, Technology and Physical Sciences

Master of Science in Plant and Soil Science in this university present in 2 years full time period. This is about the Plant and Soil Science as well as conduct research and present pertinent results.

Master in Agriculture universities divide on country

  • Masters in Agriculture in Nepal

Agriculture master present in 2 universities in Nepal. These universities are Agriculture and Forestry University (Nepal Kathmandu) and Tribhuvan University Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science (Nepal Bharatpur).

  • Masters in Agriculture Australia

In this area, many universities present Agriculture Master. The best universities in this field of study there are the University of Western Australia, University of Tasmania and University of Queensland.

  • Master degree in Agriculture in India

Indian Agricultural Research Institute – [IARI], New Deheli, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University – [TNAU], Coimbatore and Acharya NG Ranga Agricultural University – [ANGRAU], Guntur are the best Indian agriculture universities in this area.

  • Master’s degree in Agriculture Philippines

Tarlac Agricultural University is a known Philippine university for its master of Agriculture.

How can I apply for master degree in Agriculture?

To know the apply requirement in this field, you should refer to the website of your desired university and prepare yourself according to its conditions. However, the following requirement is usually required for a master’s degree in this field:

  1. English Proficiency Test: IELTS or TOEFL or PTE
  2. CV/Resume
  3. Letter of Recommendation
  4. Statement of Purpose
  5. Bachelor’s degree in any science related field

How can I receive a Master’s degree in Agriculture online?

With the spread of the corona virus, online courses have also flourished in various disciplines as well as the Agricultural branches.

The most important universities that offer Master of Agriculture courses online are:

  • Washington State university, United States (Agriculture – Plant Health Management)
  • South Dakota State University, United States (Agricultural Education)
  • University of Queensland, Australia (Agricultural Science)
  • Aberystwyth University, United Kingdom (Agriculture)
  • Texas Tech University, United State (Horticulture)


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